My name is Emi Weber

Hi! I am Emi Weber. I look forward to capturing all of your life's greatest moments and turning them into life-long keepsakes.

Thank you for visiting my site! Ever since I was a little girl growing up on my very own 100 acre woods just outside of Madison, WI, I had a fascination with the wild. As all children do, my forest became a world of make believe, the trees became my shelter and the animals--my friends. As a child, my parents noticed my adoration of the woods and gave me my first camera which sparked a new life-long passion for photography. I began by recording my adventures in the forest behind my childhood home, but quickly graduated to capturing candid moments of my pets and loved ones. Now, as an adult, I am eternally grateful for that very first camera and continuing to pursue my dream of making a beloved pastime into a career. Please enjoy the galleries beyond this page as it is especially curated from the thousands of images I have accumulated since that very first childhood camera.